Teltonika Product Guide


Teltonika Networks can proudly say – starting as a small company in Lithuania 20 years ago, with hard work we grew and became creators of Internet of Things. As a leading company from connected vehicles to networking solutions, which are created and manufactured in Lithuania we are setting market trends worldwide. Teltonika Networks have the Key which enriches our values and leads to Easy IoT.

In 20 years we have launched to mass production over 100 different devices in IoT, Networking, Connected vehicles, Asset and personal Tracking areas. That makes over 7.000.000 million devices sold worldwide in over 150 different countries. Although these numbers are impressive, Teltonika is more than that – we are about innovating, inspiring, connecting, educating and reliable partnership.

By setting new trends we inspire our partners to change the world and use the most advanced technologies in the market. Connected vehicles, NB-IoT, CAT-M1, Cloud based services and many more are already here. Innovation will always be a pulse of Teltonika. Vision and passion of people working at Teltonika have created the history of our company. Teltonika Networks are here to create it together.

Teltonika Networks Focus

Teltonika Networks is a global provider of IoT & IIoT equipment based in Lithuania, Europe, with offices situated across four continents. During more than two decades of R&D, product development and manufacturing of IoT & M2M industrial networking devices, we have created a comprehensive product portfolio for the most challenging Industry 4.0 connectivity applications. Teltonika Networks controls all the stages of the product development life cycle, allowing it to be fast and flexible in reacting to market demands and changes while offering devices that are secure, reliable, and easy to use.

Teltonika facts:

  • 20 YEARS in IoT business
  • 1500+ CUSTOMERS in 150+ countries (440+ VIP partners)
  • 750+ EMPLOYEES 170+ dedicated for RnD
  • 7 000 000+ DEVICES already deployed