This is Westermo

Westermo designs and manufactures data communications products for mission-critical systems in physically demanding environments. The products are used both in social infrastructure, such as transport, water and energy supplies, as well as in process industries, such as mining and petrochemical.

The realisation that the needs of the industry are different from those of corporate IT creates growth in the requirement for industrial grade data communication. The industrial operating environments are tough and the impact of failure in the field can lead to business threatening situations demanding that products have a lifetime in excess of 10 years. These factors have resulted in a demanding and fast growing market place.

The company is growing rapidly and currently has about 300 employees and global sales in excess of €70m. All development and production take place in Sweden at the company’s facilities in Stora Sundby and Västerås.

Westermo has sales and support offices around Europe and in USA, Singapore, China and Australia. Westermo also have a number of partners based in other key markets around the world.

Westermo group facts:

  • Founded in 1975
  • Number of employees: 200+
  • 14% R&D spending
  • Extensive IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) portfolio for key technologies
  • Flexible production with state of the art process control
  • Sales and support offices in 11 countries, sales partners in many others