Network solutions for hazardous environments

The oil and gas sector is the prime driving power behind developments in the global economy. Continuous modernization of the industry is crucial in order to maintain the adequate supply of upstream and downstream oil products for worldwide consumption. Future proof automation and data communications within the sector is pivotal in improving operational efficiency and safety. Rugged equipment such as Westermo’s Ethernet Switches for oil and gas play a big role in refineries, chemical plants, offshore and onshore oil rigs and pipelines as they are used to monitor extensive complexes and transportation facilities.

Energy companies are looking more closely at their safety processes and regulations, finding places to improve and working to ensure the safety of their employees and the environment. The oil and gas industry can succeed only with the use of high end technology featured in Westermo’s product lines. Major oil and gas companies rely on Westermo to recommend the right solution to ensure that their production stays on schedule and that they manage their hazardous environments in the best possible way.