Extend your network far beyond the normal limits of Ethernet

Westermo offer solutions to allow you to ignore the conventional Ethernet boundaries for copper cable. By design, a standard Ethernet network has a transmission limit of 100 metres over UTP copper cables. The Wolverine Ethernet Extenders have been developed to allow you to go much further and on many other kinds of cable.

The Wolverine series utilises SHDSL technology on twisted pair cables to establish a high-speed remote connection between two Ethernet Networks. Instead of needing to install fibre or radio links, the SHDSL technology can provide a cost-effective solution by using existing cables. Data rates up to 15.3 Mbit/s and an operating distance of up to 15 kilometres (9.3 miles) at lower data rates can be achieved.


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Westermo’s Industrial Ethernet Extenders

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Solutions for extending Ethernet

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