Industrial fiber connectivity made easy

There is a clear trend that the number of fibre nodes increases in the global market. Characteristics such as immunity to electromagnetic radiation and the ability to connect devices over large geographic areas, high data transfer rates and fast reconfiguration times in ring network makes fibre solutions particularly attractive in the industrial market.

Westermo has developed a fibre concept based on the specific requirements of the industrial market. This means that the equipment is designed for harsh industrial environments and with the ability to create easy maintained and flexible network solutions tailored to the circumstances of industrial applications.

Our range of fibre products include unmanaged and managed switches, switches with routing capability, device servers, media converters and fibre optic modems. For added flexibility, we offer a wide range fibre optic transceivers that are compatible with all Westermo products with SFP interface.


Industrial fiber product range

Ethernet switches are available with different management levels and a variety of port configurations. Clickere to see the complete industrial fiber product switch range. See products


A fiber solution is usually applied in situations where normal copper cable is inadequate. Read more about fibre optic network solutions here. Read more