Robust secure legacy connectivity

The use of serial protocols is being rapidly replaced by more modern IP based solutions even in industrial applications. Benefits of IP based networks have become clearer; interoperability between devices, the possibility of using a common cable structures and simplified management and control through modern computer software are indisputable argument in comparison to legacy systems.
There are however a vast amount of legacy systems still in use, which are fully functioning and gets the job done. In some industries, the expected service life of assets can be as high as 40 years. With long investment cycles you might be exposed to risk obsolescence and associated cost of maintaining obsolete technology, or at worst, stopped production as a result.

The Robust Secure Legacy Connectivity concept makes it easy to preserve the value of your investments for many years to come. Our solution let you migrate smoothly from the use of legacy serial protocols to a future proof IP-based system without disrupting a working system.


Legacy connectivity solutions

Westermo offer many legacy connectivity solutions that allows for simple and cost effective migration of legacy serial applications to new IP communication networks. Read more