Collect & Alert Solution Overview

The Alert & Display Solution

SOLUTIONCollect & Alert

Collect & Alert is dedicated to managers of industrial equipment and processes.

This solution is a software option for RAS & IPL products. It permits the collection, the storage and the transmission of industrial data (Data Logger) but also the alarm upload from an industrial equipment by SMS, e-mail or e*message.

Raising an alert
  • Data collection
  • ModBus TCP, RTU, Unitelway, DNP3 up to 128 variables
  • Data storage
  • Internal memory (50 MB) USB key Micro-SD card
  • Alert management
  • Notification by SMS or e-mail solution compatible with e*message Web page giving the histogram of a variable


      1. The Machine Access Box queries periodically variables on the industrial equipment
      2. An inappropriate variable value triggers an alert via SMS, e-mail or e*message
      3. The remote operator is alerted and acknowledges the alert via SMS or locally ( digital input )
      4. The Data Logger feature offers the data storage inside the box (50MB) on a USB key or micro-SD card. The CSV file is then pushed via FTP or e-mail.



SOLUTION AVAILABLE ON RAS & IPL: This software feature can be installed on any Machine Access Box (RAS) or industrial routers (IPL) commercialized by Etic Telecom.

CUSTOMIZATION OF THE FILES: You can configure the queried frequency and the number of variables. The size of the file to be stored but also its location is configurable.


MONITORING: Collect & Alert together with the solution offers a comprehensive, secured and simple alert solution with Data Logger and remote maintenance of the device generating the alarm.

ALERT VIA SMS WITHOUT CELLULAR SUBSCRIPTION: The SMS Pack option enables you to send an alarm via SMS on a non-cellular Etic Telecom device having an ADSL, Wi-Fi or Ethernet WAN connectivity.

SOLUTION COMPATIBLE E*MESSAGE: You can also send an alarm using the e*message network (Alphapage) and receive a notification on a pager.