Industrial power supplies

Industrial power supplies with major safety approvals,
Westermo can supply industrial rated power supplies for use with many products in our range. The DIN-rail mounted Westermo power supplies can operate in the harshest environments and comply with many major safety approvals to ensure reliable, safe operation.

Power Supplies

PS-30: DIN-rail PSU, Input: 85 to 264 VAC or 85 to 375 VDC, Output: DC 24 – 28V / 30 W
PS-100: DIN-Rail PoE Ready PSU, 48 – 56 VDC (adj. by front panel potentiometer)

Optical transceivers

Fibre optic transceivers for reliable, industrial communications,
To go hand in hand with our range of industrial fibre optic devices, Westermo can supply a wide range of small form-factor pluggable (SFP) transceivers. Supplied with LC connectors, our fibre optic transceivers cover 100Mbit/s to 1Gbit/s over multimode and single mode fibre with distances up to 120km achievable. In applications where only a single core is available, bi-directional (BiDi) transceivers are available. We can also supply copper RJ45 transceivers for Gigabit Ethernet applications.

SFP transceivers

Gigabit-Transceiver: RedFox and Lynx series
100 Mbit Transceiver: RedFox, Lynx Series and ODW-700 Series

EN50155 Configuration Backup Device

The USB-M12 is a configuration backup device designed to meet the full requirements of the rail vehicle market. This device can be used with the Viper-112/212 ranges and RFR-212-FB, and allows the configuration of the switch to be saved.

Backup Device

USB-M12: EN50155 Configuration Backup Device

Cables and antennas

Cables and antennas for industrial wireless applications
To complement our range of industrial network devices, Westermo also supply a range of cables. A variety of lengths and protective jackets are available.

Part number Type Description
Cables for tele modem
1211-2210 Auxil. Cable Auxil.Cable RJ-45/D-sub to DDW-226
Product configuration cable
1211-2027 Diagnostic / CLI cable Configuration/console cable for WeOS products and diagnostic cable for DDW-120, USB connection, 2 m
M12 cables
3146-1100 M12-M12, 1 m Ethernet cable M12-M12, 1 m
3146-1101 M12-M12, 5 m Ethernet cable M12-M12, 5 m
3146-1102 M12-M12, 15 m Ethernet cable M12-M12, 15 m
3146-1103 M12-RJ-45, 1 m Ethernet cable M12-RJ-45, 1 m
3146-1104 M12-RJ-45, 5 m Ethernet cable M12-RJ-45, 5 m
3146-1105 M12-RJ-45, 15 m Ethernet cable M12-RJ-45, 15 m
3146-1106 M12, 1,5 m Power cable M12 (A-code), 1,5 m
3146-1107 M12, 5 m Power cable M12 (A-code), 5 m
3146-1109 M12, 5 m Power cable M12 (T-code), 5m
Cables and antennas for GSM modems
3195-9011 TZC SMA/F-SMA/M 5 m cable between modem and antenna

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